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Reverend McBride would love to speak to your group or venue. Please fill out the form below to check for availability

Reverend McBride is coming to a Venue location near you. Gilbert has a unique way of speaking that makes you realize that Gods love for you is real. He is as upfront and personal with you than anything you have seen before. His honest heartfelt story will astound you. From a tragic upbringing, to prison, to finding God, and then loosing his most precious wife, see how there was an amazing transformation from just a simple minister, to a man with an important message.
Reverend McBride has spoken in Churches, Schools, Business Meetings, Rallies, and online. He covers topics from:
Bullying, From Playground to Diploma
Gay And Christian. Can I Be Both
Applying God To Your Business
God And Politics, Can They Be Combined
Teen Suicide, What Can We Do To Prevent It
And More
Hearing Gilbert speak at your venue or event will inspire and excite your heart and your soul. He is like a travelling revival all rolled up into one man.
Don't miss your opportunity to hear this man speak.
Book your event or venue now.

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